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We are a family run roofing and building company based in Staines, Middlesex and specialise in all aspects of roofing and building with over 25 years experience in the industry. From a few missing roof tiles to a new extension or loft conversion we've got it covered. Don't take our word for it please read the references given by some of our happy clients see references »


Towns Covered
Staines Egham Sunbury Old Windsor Windsor Colnbrook Datchet Winkfield Ascot Bray Slough Iver Farnham Royal Burnham Sunninghill Virginia Water Chertsey Shepperton Weybridge Ottershaw Bagshot LightwaterChobham Oxshott Esher Englefield Green Thorpe Lea Laleham Wraysbury Hythe End Ashford Wentworth Thorpe Littleton Lyne Addlestone New Haw Woodham West Byfleet Stanyards Ottershaw Mimbridge Longcross Cranbourne SunningdaleWindlesham West End Westcroft Park
builder Stainesbuilder Eghambuilder Sunburybuilder Old Windsorbuilder Windsorbuilder Colnbrookbuilder Datchetbuilder Winkfieldbuilder Ascotbuilder Braybuilder Sloughbuilder Iverbuilder Farnham Royalbuilder Burnhambuilder Sunninghillbuilder Virginia Waterbuilder Chertseybuilder Sheppertonbuilder Weybridgebuilder Ottershawbuilder Bagshotbuilder Lightwater builder Chobhambuilder Oxshottbuilder Esherbuilder Englefield Greenbuilder Thorpe Lea builder Laleham builder Wraysburybuilder Hythe Endbuilder Ashfordbuilder Wentworthbuilder Thorpe builder Littleton builder Lynebuilder Addlestonebuilder New Hawbuilder Woodhambuilder West Byfleet builder Stanyardsbuilder Ottershawbuilder Mimbridgebuilder Longcross builder Cranbourne builder Sunningdalebuilder Windleshambuilder West Endbuilder Westcroft Park
roofer Stainesroofer Eghamroofer Sunburyroofer Old Windsorroofer Windsorroofer Colnbrookroofer Datchetroofer Winkfieldroofer Ascotroofer Brayroofer Sloughroofer Iverroofer Farnham Royalroofer Burnhamroofer Sunninghillroofer Virginia Waterroofer Chertseyroofer Sheppertonroofer Weybridgeroofer Ottershawroofer Bagshotroofer Lightwaterroofer Chobhamroofer Oxshottroofer Esherroofer Englefield Greenroofer Thorpe Learoofer Lalehamroofer Wraysburyroofer Hythe Endroofer Ashfordroofer Wentworthroofer Thorperoofer Littletonroofer Lyneroofer Addlestoneroofer New Hawroofer Woodhamroofer West Byfleetroofer Stanyardsroofer Ottershawroofer Mimbridgeroofer Longcrossroofer Cranbourneroofer Sunningdaleroofer Windleshamroofer West Endroofer Westcroft Park
gutter Stainesgutter Eghamgutter Sunburygutter Old Windsorgutter Windsorgutter Colnbrookgutter Datchetgutter Winkfieldgutter Ascotgutter Bray gutter Sloughgutter Ivergutter Farnham Royalgutter Burnhamgutter Sunninghillgutter Virginia Water gutter Chertseygutter Sheppertongutter Weybridgegutter Ottershawgutter Bagshotgutter Lightwater gutter Chobhamgutter Oxshottgutter Eshergutter Englefield Greengutter Thorpe Leagutter Laleham gutter Wraysburygutter Hythe Endgutter Ashfordgutter Wentworthgutter Thorpegutter Littleton gutter Lynegutter Addlestonegutter New Hawgutter Woodhamgutter West Byfleetgutter Stanyards gutter Ottershawgutter Mimbridgegutter Longcrossgutter Cranbournegutter Sunningdalegutter Windleshamgutter West Endgutter Westcroft Park
repairs Stainesrepairs Eghamrepairs Sunburyrepairs Old Windsorrepairs Windsorrepairs Colnbrookrepairs Datchetrepairs Winkfieldrepairs Ascotrepairs Brayrepairs Sloughrepairs Iverrepairs Farnham Royalrepairs Burnhamrepairs Sunninghillrepairs Virginia Waterrepairs Chertseyrepairs Sheppertonrepairs Weybridgerepairs Ottershawrepairs Bagshotrepairs Lightwaterrepairs Chobhamrepairs Oxshottrepairs Esherrepairs Englefield Greenrepairs Thorpe Learepairs Lalehamrepairs Wraysburyrepairs Hythe Endrepairs Ashfordrepairs Wentworthrepairs Thorperepairs Littletonrepairs Lynerepairs Addlestonerepairs New Hawrepairs Woodhamrepairs West Byfleetrepairs Stanyardsrepairs Ottershawrepairs Mimbridgerepairs Longcrossrepairs Cranbournerepairs Sunningdalerepairs Windleshamrepairs West Endrepairs Westcroft Park
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